About Us

ACIIA is a confederation of seventeen (17) IIA affiliates in the Asia Pacific region comprising IIA Australia, IIA China, IIA Hong Kong China, IIA India, IIA Indonesia, IIA Japan, IIA Korea, IIA Malaysia, IIA Mongolia, IIA New Zealand, IIA Papua New Guinea, IIA Philippines, IIA Singapore, IIA Sri Lanka, IIA Chinese Taiwan, IIA Fiji and IIA Thailand.

The establishment of ACIIA dated back to March 1999 when one of its founder members, IIA Hong Kong, hosted a meeting which was attended by representatives of the ten affiliates in Hong Kong. This meeting was then named the Asian Summit of Internal Auditing. Subsequently, over the years the affiliates continued to gather on an annual basis to share and exchange knowledge on internal audit related initiatives undertaken by the respective affiliates. The subsequent meetings were held in conjunction with the Asian Regional Conferences which were organised annually by the affiliates on a rotation basis.

At a meeting held in conjunction with the 2001 Asian Regional Conference, IIA Malaysia was selected as the secretariat for ACIIA. The official registration of ACIIA with the Registrar of Societies Malaysia convened in 2005 and as at 24 February 2006, ACIIA registration was officially approved.

ACIIA shall maintain the IIA’s motto “Progress Through Sharing” and shall strive to achieve its vision through the spirit of sharing among its affiliates.

Asian Confederation of Institutes of Internal Auditors