Vision and Mission

The ECIIA Vision and Mission are expressed in the following statements:

  • To represent and develop the internal auditing profession throughout the wider geographic area of Europe and the Mediterranean basin.
  • To be the consolidated voice for the profession of internal auditing in a widely defined Europe by dealing with the European Union, its Parliament and Commission and any other European or global institutions of influence.
  • To represent the European internal auditing profession on the global stage in tandem – and in consultation – with IIA Inc.
  • To promote the profession in economically emerging countries, as appropriate, within the wider geographic area of Europe and the Mediterranean basin.

The ECIIA has made progress in raising its profile among legislators and affiliate members, as well as providing better services and advice on internal auditing over the past couple of years. The future of the organisation looks stronger than ever.

ECIIA works at improving communication between the internal auditing Institute’s within Europe. While the body has been busy communicating to external stakeholders, it has been equally determined to build relations between its members. This is crucial in helping affiliates grow and sharing best practice – particularly at a time when the ECIIA has been expanding with new members from EU accession countries.

ECIIA had made enormous progress in both establishing itself as the voice of internal audit in Europe and as a major force in internal auditing in the world. Its relationship with member states, the European administration and the US had all been clarified, as had its constitution and

Asian Confederation of Institutes of Internal Auditors