ACIIA is a confederation of seventeen (17) IIA affiliates in the Asia Pacific region comprising IIA Australia, IIA China, IIA Hong Kong China, IIA India, IIA Indonesia, IIA Japan, IIA Korea, IIA Malaysia, IIA Mongolia, IIA New Zealand, IIA Papua New Guinea, IIA Philippines, IIA Singapore, IIA Sri Lanka, IIA Chinese Taiwan, IIA Fiji and IIA Thailand. The establishment of ACIIA dated back to March 1999 when one of its founder members, IIA Hong Kong, hosted a meeting which was attended by representatives of the ten affiliates in Hong Kong. This meeting was then named the Asian Summit of Internal…
VISION The Vision of the ACIIA is to be the regional voice of the internal auditing profession: advocating its value, promoting best practice, and providing exceptional service to its members. Internal Audit professionals will be universally recognised as indispensable to effective governance, risk management, and control. CORE PURPOSE To advance the internal audit profession in Asia Pacific (“AP”) region and serve the Institutes/Chapters. AIMS To achieve the vision, ACIIA is to provide dynamic leadership for the profession of internal auditing : to coordinate the development, enhancement and promotion of the internal auditing profession in the Asian Region. Key aims in support of this vision are : Enhance the standards and practices of the profession through certification and the adoption of international and regional best practices in internal auditing. Assist in the growth and development of the Institutes of Internal Auditors (IIA Affiliates) affiliates to the Institute of Internal Auditors incorporated in the United States of America (IIA Global) through networking, marketing, education and research and information sharing. Foster a strong and cohesive profession by providing leadership on emerging issues; coordinating with IIA Global and other IIA Affiliates to achieve appropriate strategic objectives. Enhance the image and interests of the internal auditing profession regionally through the promotion of its role and achievements.
Asian Confederation of Institutes of Internal Auditors